Grupo Atalaya specializes in the analysis, prevention and mitigation of strategic risks that may endanger the profitability, reputation, personnel and assets of firms with operations in Mexico.

Our diverse range of products and services distinguishes itself due to our expertise in transforming information from multiple sources into intelligence that facilitates decision making, as well as by our vocation for innovation and our unwavering commitment to protect the integrity of our firm and that of our clients.

Our robust offering is built on our consultants´ longstanding experience in analyzing and managing non-technical risks in Mexico, as well as in the diversity of their backgrounds, which range from law and economics to data and computer science. We have built long-lasting relationships with our clients thanks to our integrity and partnering approach.

Our team has more than two decades experience in managing national and public security and political affairs at the highest level of responsibility in Mexico. As such, we know that risks for organizations are determined by the characteristics of the environment in which they operate.

We believe there is no substitute for having on your side a team that has a vast network of local contacts, as well as an intimate and unparalleled knowledge of local sources of risk and the environmental dynamics that can threaten your organization´s goals.

Due to our team´s longstanding experience in tackling some of the most critical security issues in Mexico, Grupo Atalaya´s services stand at the forefront of international best practices. Given risk´s complex nature, we systematically seek to refine our know how to produce innovative solutions for each of our clients.

The logic of our business proposition is that organizational strength against risks is built through partnership. We are proud to collaborate with international and national organizations that push the limit of thought leadership in various aspects of risk and project management. Grupo Atalaya´s network of alliances provides our clients with a comprehensive range of services and practices underpinned by global expertise.